Latest tata docomo socket server 3G proxy trick May,June 2013

o i am sharing a new and working socket server proxy trick for docomo user and my friends.this is a opera mini handler trick. and this proxy fine work in hariyana and keral. this proxy give you free and unlimited gprs in tata docomo default setting.

features of socket server 3g proxy

  • unlimited internet
  • highspeed downloading and browsing
  • use only java and android mobile ( please try another mobile )
  • work in crome and firefox for pc (vnap booster)
  • work default browser for mobile

setting for  tata docomo socket server 3g proxy trick

  • install tata docomo divein setting
  • then download any operamini handler
  • put the proxy type ---- http
  • then socket server ---- socket://
  • custam http ------------
  • now save and enjoy 

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