How to Optimize Blog post title for Search Engines and Readers

Ever wondered on how you can write different post titles for Search Engines and Visitors? Read this post for a complete analysis on how to Optimize blog post title.
When a blogger actually starts writing a blog post with an idea in mind, he spends a bit of time on thinking what title should be given. Post title, if it is eye catching and classy, then it attracts more readers directly and if it is keyword rich, then it helps your post to rank better in search engines. Title of a blog or a blog post is the most essential thing and accounts for over 30% credit of the total post. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually write different title for search engines and your readers? For example,
If I am writing about some of the sources online to make money, then people will be more interested in How I earned 400$ last week from home, but search engines won’t actually be interested in ranking that post because there is no such proper keyword in the post title. Instead, if you give title such as How to make money online from home, you can rank higher in search engines.
In my last post I had written on How to optimize Blog post title for High Traffic, and this post I will be writing on How you can write different post titles for Search Engines and visitors.

How to Optimize Post title for SEO and readers in WordPress

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you would surely be using plugins, because beauty of WordPress is all about Plugins. There are many SEO plugins like All n One SEO, WP SEO by Yoast, Thesis inbuilt SEO options etc. All these plugins give you an option to write an title which shows up in the search engines. This is known as Meta title tag.
The meta title tag will be displayed in the search engines and the title which you give at the wordpress title field, will be visible to your readers. So that is how, you can write different post titles for Search Engines and Visitors. Below, I will show this to you with example
This was an example of User targeted title, now in the below screenshot I will show you the the SEO friendly title
If you learn to use both of these titles accordingly, you will very well dominate the search engines as well as you will get huge traffic. SEO title will make your post rank higher in search engines and user friendly title will make sure you attract a lot of people and record high CTR, which is again very much beneficial in terms of page-views. Also, for better results, you can use all the fields given in SEO plugin screen which will again be beneficial in your search engine exposure.

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