How to Increase Downloading Speed in IDM

Ever wondered of increasing the downloading speed ? Then here’s how you can Increase Downloading Speed in IDM.Internet Download Manager is the most popular downloading application and commonly known to accelerate the downloading speed. It accelerates the speeds up to 5 x times of the usual downloading speed. IDM not just accelerates the file downloads but it also enables the users to download any file of any type by simple customization in extension settings. Here IDM is increasing downloading speed up to 5 x times and what if it will increase above this limit ? Obviously it would be great, so here are the methods and steps to increase IDM downloading speed.

Increase Downloading Speed in IDM

If you are lazy like others then IDM optimizer is the best option for increasing the downloading speed in IDM.
1. Download IDM Optimizer —– Click Here To Download.
2. When are you done with downloading then unzip the compressed file and double click over the IDM Optimizer.
Unzip the compressed IDM optimizer
Double click over the IDM optimizer icon
3. On double click, you will get the following window.

Click on Optimize IDM
4. Now just click on “Optimize IDM !” and it will optimize all IDM settings of its own.
Click on Optimize IDM
5. Finally restart you system and enjoy downloading with increased speed.

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