How Does Domain Age Help in SEO - How does it Affect

Does domain age helps?
And the answer is a BIG, No.
I can see a smile on your face now as you can easily get better ranking with creating back links without caring about domain age.
The Google, Bing and other major search engines now try to rank websites on the basis of their content first rather than domain age. Content is the real king.
Domain age is a thing of past, you need to forget it and move on and have a great blogging career ahead.
Now, another question arises that will search engine would take domain age into account in the future?
Well, no one would be able to answer this question except Matt Cutts as Google may come with a new update name domo or something different and would help old websites to rank higher.

But in that also they may not make every old website rank better but would only a handful with more than 80% quality content would be able to.
So, here also quality content is the main thing, you just can’t ignore it. Can you?
Go with the quality, B’cause Google loves it.
For now Google judges a website after checking more than 200 SEO factors and I think domain age is not in them but as I said above it will join the factors list in the future.

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