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office computer monitoring software
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There are a range of reasons you might need to monitor your computers, either at home or the office. First and foremost it’s great practice for security and back-up reasons. If you ever have a break in monitoring software can help you see what’s happened on the computer during the break in.
If a machine is stolen the software may even help you recover it. If you have some sort of power or hardware failure, Computer monitoring software will have all your work and activities backed up to date.
Of course the main reason people install computer monitoring software is to check up on users digital activities while you’re away or otherwise engaged. At home, you may have unruly teenage children who insist on spending their time playing computer games rather than doing homework.
Especially when they’re hiding in their rooms. At work, you may have a similar problem with employees, or colleagues using your computer when you’re not around. If you’re worried that your staff are spending more time on YouTube and internet shopping than they are getting on with work than computer monitoring software is for you.
Depending on what you need the software for will determine exactly which sort you’ll need, as there are a few different types of office monitoring software.
Free versions of software will usually just monitor keystrokes, but not websites or applications. But full versions will give you a more complete picture of what’s happening while you’re away.

Feature Of  Computer Monitoring Software :

  • All keystrokes typed, and the website/application they were typed in.
  • All websites visited.
  • All applications used.
  • All files and documents opened, moved, saved or deleted.
  • Anything printed.
  • Anything copied or pasted to or from the clipboard.
These features are standard among most commercial monitoring applications, although obviously they will vary from developer to developer. Some will also include extra features like microphone or web cam monitoring. Remote report emailing is also a feature present in most applications.
This means you’ll be able to set up the software to email you the reports at a different location, so that you won’t have to log back into the target machine and risk getting caught.
Home monitoring software like this is easy to download and install and will run (if required) in complete stealth on the target computer. The program will be hidden from users and will not be visible in places like the task manager, start menu or add/remove programs list.
The only way to open the software will be through a secret key combination and user defined password, which will be set up when installing. If you’re looking for computer monitoring software with all of the features mentioned above, take a look at the free trial of Gecko Monitoring Software
All of the above will be suitable for monitoring a single home or office computer. But if you’re looking to monitor an entire office, you’ll probably require something a bit more substantial. Office or employee monitoring software will do all of the above but will be designed to monitor an entire office network, while keeping check on the network from a single computer.
From the monitoring computer, you’ll be able to have a look at what’s going on on any of the other office computers at any time. Some applications even let you see a video feed of the computers monitor as it’s happening, meaning you’ll be able to see exactly what your employees are doing right at that moment.
You’ll also be able to control the computers from your own, so that if your employees need help with anything you can do it from your own computer.

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