Getting low hits on your website Reasons must be one of these

Running a website and not getting well hits,clicks on your website this is a very big problem for every website 
 owner because without original hits,not showing in search engine results in search engines you can not get well clicks you always thinking than there must be problem in your website but you are unable to find what is wrong with your website why it is not getting so much traffic and also your website is full of articles.
so reasons must be one of these below - 
  1. Your website title must be too long.
  2. So much use of Images.
  3. Website description must not contain the information or your website that what your website provides.
  4. Use of copied content from another website.
  5. Post,Articles Title must not be unique.
  6. Website title must not be unique.
  7. Copy images from another website without there permission.
  8. Free web hosting with low server speed so your website is load slowly.
  9. Website design is very typical must be hard to find something.
  10. Privacy policy , Disclaimer page not included.
  11. Website site map not submitted to search engines.
  12. Website is not user friendly without search Box. 
So friends these are the most commonly reasons so just check these with your own website .


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