How To Use Refresh and Reset in Windows 8 [Info graphic]

Windows 8 has come out with two new capabilities that perform different types of cleanup tasks for your computer. One is called refresh and the other is called reset.
We all know the battle of trying to maintain a computer and keep it running smoothly. Windows 8 has come up with these solutions to help us.
The first option will refresh your computer which means that it will leave your files, photos, music intact. So it is like a quick cleanup of your computer.
The second option is to reset your computer which actually gets rid of your files and starts off with a fresh new copy of Windows 8. This is great for people if they want to give their computer away or even sell it. In the past, resetting a computer or formatting a hard drive was a big deal, however now with three setting option this process is extremely easy.
Infographic by Firebrand Training

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