Get Recognition in the Virtual World by Publishing Your Biography on Wikipedia

Many people, including world renowned politicians, businessmen and celebrities, get their biographies published on Wikipedia because it is the number one online encyclopedia that people turn to for information on any individual. When you search for a famous person on a search engine, one of the top few search results are that of Wikipedia’s. So, if you planning to increase your popularity or have a strong online presence, it is time to get a professional to write your biography on Wikipedia.

Why is it important to get someone (else) to write your biography?

Why should you not write your biography and publish it online, since Wikipedia allows people to write, edit and publish articles on the dynamic domain? The reason is simple. Although Wikipedia is an open platform, where people have the freedom to post articles, there are rules that users need to abide by. And one of the rules is that people should not write their own biographies. It is strongly discouraged. When you write about yourself, more often than not, you will focus on your positive qualities, accomplishments and positive events that may have occurred in your life. You are very likely to put aside negative events and occurrences. This is human nature. We all think well about ourselves and want to portray a positive image to the world. This is what Wikipedia wants to avoid. It does not tolerate biased articles. So, once a Wikipedia editor notices a biased article, he will automatically reject it.

Get the help you need. 
So, instead of going through the roller coaster journey of rejections, it is best to get the help of a professional to write your biography on Wikipedia. A professional Wikipedia writer who is aware of the Wikipedia protocol will be able to create succinct content that is neutral. A professional writer will provide proper citations and references of your work to increase credibility. These are some of the elements that Wikipedia editors insist upon before publishing a Wikipedia page. So, before you seek professional help, ensure that there is sufficient information about yourself in the online domain since Wikipedia editors require references from third party websites.


Another key feature of a Wikipedia page that editors are strict about is its format. A biography should have a summary of an individual’s life, his early life, accomplishments, educational background and career details. Plus, if pictures of the individual are provided, they should abide by copyright laws. So, although on the surface, writing and editing articles on Wikipedia may seem easy, it is definitely not so in reality. There are many criteria that a writer has to meet before his article is published. So, it is important to save time and effort by taking the help of a professional.

Get a professional to write your biography on Wikipedia and enjoy the sweet fruits of your popularity instantly. Before making payment to a Wikipedia writer, ensure that your biography has been published on Wikipedia and is active for at least five days. This way, you will know that your biography has met all the requirements put forth by Wikipedia.

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