Free Vodafone 2G-3G Gprs Trick for April,May 2013

For applying these setting to your Vodafone mobile GO to Your mobile
Menu>>setting>>ConnectionSetting>>And fill the following values:

Account name:  FREEVODAFONE
Apn:                   vlive 
Port:                   8080

After this Save your setting and then Switch-OFF your Mobile.

When you again ON the mobile, it shows the 3G icon on your mobile screen at top.
Start using 3G aped with Vodafone


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  2. Vodafone has the worst reception service! No matter what area I am in I have little to no reception. Every time I go to send a message I have to hit resend around 8-10 times sometimes more for it to go through. This should be worked on if they want to keep customers. thanks all!
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